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Who is behind the 1000 Moms Campaign?


As a Neways representative, I am pleased to market products to moms and others who, just like me, are interested in taking an active roll in their health and the health of their family. Educating and speaking with families about the Neways products is personally rewarding because I know the products are safe, of high quality and they work very, very well.

As a member of the 1000 Moms campaign, I am building a team of likeminded people and growing a thriving business, while helping my team learn and do the same. I am having a blast connecting with people all across North America - making money and making a difference! I hope you will join me.

About the vision

Keep your kids safeMargie Aliprandi is the creative and passionate visionary behind the 1000 Moms campaign. Margie herself is a mom of four who genuinely cares about the health and wealth of families around the world.

As a Neways self-made millionaire, she is committed to teaching other women to do the same.  Her story with Neways began when she was a single mom with three small children, looking for a way to make money and be at home with her kids. 

The 1000 Moms campaign was born out of her dedication and desire to empower women to succeed and achieve their dreams.    She hosts a weekly conference call to educate, inspire and motivate our team.  She is a sought-after speaker and travels the world sharing an inspiring message of health, success and personal growth.  Margie also serves on the board of directors for the Cancer Prevention Coalition.

About the company

NewaysNeways is a company that you can feel good about!  

With $750 million in annual sales, Neways is the largest manufacturer of safe personal care products in the world. Neways has been providing safe, toxin-free products for families for over 20 years long before "safe" and "toxin-free" were words the public even cared about.  Neways has always used the highest quality and safest ingredients available and continues to improve their product lines using only the safest ingredients possible.

Neways also believes in generously compensating their representatives.  With one of the industry's most lucrative pay plans, it is easy for both beginning and long-term reps to make significant income.

The Neways corporate office is located in Springville, Utah and employs over 500 individuals in Utah and over 1,200 people around the world. Upon visiting any Neways corporate office, you would find many happy employees who are passionate about their company and in supporting the Neways representatives.

Neways' mission is simple: to enhance the health, wealth, and well-being of people around the world. 

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