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Teach a man to fish

We always leave it up to the government, or churches, philanthropists or millionaires to do the giving and help the poor and needy. But I think, deep inside of us, all of us we would really like to [help].

What I think is so incredible about the Empower program, is that it does exactly what its name says.  It gives me, the average guy, the power to give back to the world in a manner that normally seems out of reach.  It is so simple, and feels so good.
-Kevin Hawthorne


Child on the street

Help Feed Impoverished Children

Making A Difference

Help your own children.
Help the world's children.

I hope you've been able to see how participation in the 1000 Moms campaign as either a customer or team member can make a difference in your own life - and in the lives of others.    

But 1000 Moms & Neways offers two more powerful  and exciting ways you can make a difference.

Empower Program
With any order, you can choose to donate $1.00 or more, which translates into much, much more.....

Neways has partnered with Globus Relief Fund, a humanitarian oranization able to leverage every dollar that Neways pledges into much more than a dollar's worth of aid.

They provide humanitarian aid to children all over the world in desperate need of clean water, food, clothing, shelter and medical attention.

For example, in the Empower Eastern Europe project, every dollar of Empower donations resulted in humanitarian aid and supplies valued at more than $27.

Our outreach programs have sent clothing to orphans in Romania, medical supplies to rural settlements in Vanuatu, and aid to victims of recent natural disasters.

Give the gift of hope for a better future to those who think there is no hope. The opportunities to change lives are infinite with the Empower program.
Durian Program
Help stop trafficking of women & children in Southeast Asia every time you buy a bottle of Durian Fusion.

Help stop child trafficking

Thailand, the main producer of durian fruit, and Southeast Asia are affected by unique regional problems. One of the most striking of these is the existence of child trafficking

In addition to the domestic trafficking of Thai women and children for commercial sexual exploitation, nationals from poorer countries in the Mekong sub-region are trafficked to Thailand to work as domestics, and in construction, farming, factories and fisheries.

Neways has undertaken an extensive program to fund and support charitable programs in Thailand that will reduce and Durianprevent the trafficking of women & children for the purposes of prostitution and other forced labor.

Try Durian today, and make a difference.

will you make a difference?

Your choices can make a difference.

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