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I saw some play make up for little girls. I said "Oh my 2 year old granddaughter would love that." More

"Once I decided to educate myself about harmful ingredients and start reading product labels, it was very easy to decide to convert my home to Neways' safe products!"    More

"We received a letter about the toxic chemicals in personal care products..."   

The flight attendant picked up the demonstration oxygen mask and looked straight at me as she said...   More

"I have a special mission with these products, after losing my little boy to leukemia." More

Create A Healthy Home

Our products help keep you
and your family healthy
from the outside in and the inside out. 


Give your family a healthy home - provide them the nutrition they need and replace the questionable personal care products.  

Many moms don't know that most products on the market contain ingredients that can cause their children harm... and not just the children. 

In 2005  the Cancer Prevention Coalition did a safety analysis of baby products.

When Dr. Samuel Epstein, chairman of the CPC, reviewed the ingredients of mainstream products, he said:

"This is a witches' brew of dangerous and cancer-causing ingredients."

He then selected his "Dirty Dozen" (the most harmful ingredients commonly used in baby products) and wrote the press release "Time to Protect Babies From Dangerous Products"

He affirmed that the Neways baby products contain none of those objectionable ingredients.

Some of these may be in your bathroom right now - products you thought were perfectly safe!

These ingredients, over years of use, have a cumulative effect in the body.  They build up in the body's tissues and major organs which can weaken our immune systems and may contribute to many of the degenerative diseases so common today.  

Children are especially at risk - with infants being 100 times more sensitive than adults.  And harsh chemicals aren't only bad for you, they cause premature aging and take a toll on your skin, hair and general appearance.

moms choices matterLet's face it, moms usually set our health habits - they make most of the choices for the whole family.  And these choices are naturally passed to the next generation.  Now, THAT is a serious job!  Having a "store" you can trust is so important.

Neways, a Research and Development company over 20 years old, is our product and business development partner; they were thinking green when it wasn't even popular! They search for the safest, high quality ingredients to combine the best of science and nature to give us the most effective personal care and  nutritional supplements on the market. In their quest to provide safety-conscious products, they have identified over 3,000 questionable ingredients.

One example is phthalates (pronounced thaylates), which are chemical compounds known to cause birth defects.   Neways products were phthalate-free, and packaged in non-leaching plastic long before most consumers had even heard of the dangers!

Of course, avoiding harmful chemicals is only part of creating a healthy family.

It's harder than ever to provide our families with the nutrition they need.   Moms are so busy taking care of the family that their own health is often neglected...     good nutrition is important for health and sustained energy - and we know how much energy it takes to be a mom!

Many foods are nutritionally deficient and artificial ingredients and preservatives are damaging, and far too common.  The good news is that Neways you covered with nutritional supplements for family members of all ages.   With Neways you can be safe, look good and feel great!

Neways is the best friend Mom can have...     Wouldn't you like peace of mind, a better place to shop, to save time and money... 

...oh, and did I mention they'll send you a check?

safe and effective prodcuts

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