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So, you might be asking yourself some of these questions....

How can I market my business?

What kind of training and support will I have?

How do I make money?

How much can I earn?


How Can I Market My Business?

There are dozens of ways to market the products and your business – we can show you how!   Here are just a few:

  • Send moms to your 1000 Moms website.
  • Give mini presentations
  • 1000 Moms Catalog parties - virtual
  • Pass out 1000 Moms cds and fliers
  • Postcard pass-out or mailings
  • Trade shows or baby fairs
  • Share your personal experiences with the great products and/or business
  • Create a local "Meet Up" group

I'll be happy to help you customize a 1000 Moms business plan that fits with your own interests and comfort level.

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Tune into our conference callsWhat kind of support will I have?

We have weekly conference calls to train, motivate, educate and inspire you.   We have a training & resource website just for 1000 Moms Team Members, with lots of marketing ideas and support tools.   There are product and business training cds and calls you can listen to in the comfort of your own home, conventions, local meetings, and seminars you'll be able to attend, if you choose....  opportunities to rub shoulders with like-minded team members.  

You can join our team for $19.95, and you'll also receive a Business Starter Kit with your first product order.   It's FREE if you order a signature or $150 in products. 

And, of course, as your sponsor I am here to answer your questions, help you form a business plan and create your own successful home business.   

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How do I make money?

Every time anyone purchases products from you as a customer, you earn the retail profit, plus you can earn an additional bonus on those purchases – just one way to quickly earn $1,000 or more per month.

Also, when someone joins your 1000 Moms team as a Neways distributor with a 150 DS (Direct Ship) order, you earn a fast cash bonus of $50! You can earn 10 - 25% on their monthly purchases as well!   As you help more families create safe homes and start their own home-based businesses, you earn more and more money each month  creating a legacy income for you and your family.   You'll be amazed at how quickly you can earn a sizable check! 

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How much can I earn?

Honestly, there is no limit to how much you can earn.  Our partner, Neways, has a very lucrative pay plan – one of the best in the industry.  It is designed for the new team member to make money right away and for the long-term home-business builder to create a legacy income they can live on the rest of their lives.

Click here for more detailed look at how you get paid.   

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With the 1,000 Moms Campaign you will have a home business
with a powerful mission and purpose which can provide
extra income for your entire family.

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The above is not representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through participation in this opportunity. 1000 Moms does not represent, guarantee or warrant that you will earn any amount by participation in this opportunity. Your results may vary and will depend upon your own skill and efforts.
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